Williams Family photos from Claire 070
I’m in the middle. With my sisters.


There are movements all around us. Some are full of love and peace making. Some full of hate and violence. We get to choose how, when and where we invest in most revolutions, be they large or small. But in some we have no choice.

The type I’m thinking of today is one of those I have no choice in. It’s a necessary revolution. This earth revolves around the sun. Every 365 days, give or take a few hours, we make it ALL the way around.

As of today, July 18th, I’ve completed 52 entire revolutions.

I’m cool with that. Plus, I’m elated that Dairy Queen gives away free Blizzards on the anniversary of every lap…

Out of 52 years, I have been making music for 48 of them. What a lucky girl am I!

My professional pianist, music teaching mother didn’t waste any time getting me in front of that keyboard. Williams Family photos from Claire 086“Let me at it!” was my childhood cry. My first piano experience was on a jump around set of ivories,  similar to the one Tom Hanks played on in the movie BIG.  I liked it enough to go for the challenge of a smaller one soon after. I was given full access to a Steinway Baby Grand. And baby, it was grand.

This was followed by lame attempts at violin playing (four painful years) and guitar strumming ( I achieved campfire status). Then I found my sweet spot. The Harp.

What to do after 52 revolutions around the giant light orb, 36 of them spent playing the harp?  Blog all about it, of course.  “Harp Stirrings” is a play on Heart = Harp and Strings = Stirrings, and a play ultimately on all of our heart strings, mine included. Maybe a bit schmaltzy? That’s kinda like me.

It will be a musing blog, hopefully somewhat amusing and a music blog. All in one.

Particularly, I will focus on harp and piano, playing for weddings and hip events, the art of music instruction, a focus on creativity and of owning self-expression…as well as featuring tips about where to get free Blizzards, Grand Slams and such on YOUR next lap around the sun. All the important stuff.

Hello World!

Williams Family photos from Claire 049
High school
High School playing with the Dallas Youth Symphony and the Dallas Symphony
Harp at UT Austin
Playing the harp at The University of Texas, Austin